Monday, 16 November 2009

Week 9: Class notes

Quote of the week: "Even useless can be useful"

Barriers to innovation: Focus sustainability
Structural barriers: ".. making sustainabile choices feels like swimming upstream. In particular, sustainable alternatives cost more and/or less convenient thn the status quo" (Rossel and Fur, 2006)
Problem of being creative is difficult because people bring conformaty...
-Mindset barriers
... missing the assumptions and expectations..Force habit-is a key driver how we/businesses do things. Nation of consuption exists.
Different parts of the world have different understanding of what is good and what is bad. GOOD LIFE. To be sustainable you dont use innovation.. the question is how to engage innovation..
-Structural and mindset barriers are quite close to each other.
-Information and communication barriers, when there is lack of information, if information is lost or its unreliable. People say thet there is a lack of reliable information. People behaviour differ. Product labels- UK is very strong about putting information about products energy etc. ecological or social footprints.
The measure nations use to assess performance (such as GDP)
Measurement system is a huge barrier. Using innovation to get around with barriers.
What is true and what isn't, we dont know who to believe.
-Trust barrier
...people misstrust to things they don't know, for example the notion of sustainability.. Government- 'in god we trust'..
...weak sense of communication and engagement, less u engage less outvome u get. Design place yet another role, not about creating a new product. It is about creating emotional communication.
The term 'sustainability' itself
Disengage...sustainability as a barrier..It is difficult to engage with complex is a challenge for us..

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