Monday, 16 November 2009


The main purpose of the project B is to research and understand the issues around the topic of sustainability and try to identify possible barriers to sustainability innovation. We were asked to choose a company/industry from back home in order to analyse the issues that stops businesses from sustainability innovation. The industry that I have chosen for this project is fashion in Kazakhstan and the example of “Symbat fashion academy” which is very well known and well establishe brand. For this assignment I found that it will be very difficult to find a link between the barriers to sustainability innovation and the impact of design due to lack of secondary data available not only about kazakhstani industry but also the businesse in particular.
It is significant to understand the notion of sustainability and be able to apply it to the organisation as a new business opportunity. Therefore I believe the class lectures and the academic literature will help me to complete this project successfully as we are learning about sustainability issue in our lectures and the base material is provided to us. We also have the freedom come up with our own identified barrier, not only sticking to the ones that were already identified.

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