Sunday, 22 November 2009


Apart from group tasks and activities, my main task was to design and print the program and make sure that everyone knows when is their time slots. During workshops we have decided that the program will be A4 size but folded like a booklet. Me and Joyce have agreed that the backround will be white (so it will look nice and fresh), we will have the main design of the event on the front, logo of the school at the back of the program, together with the address and the entire program with all the timings and introduction inside of the paper. The main headings will be in green (in order to highlight main points), whereas the text will be in black (to make it simple and easy to read)and also these colours look good with the main logo. Joyce came up with the idea to have the ribbon for each programe, and I thought that it will be nicer to have it ih red colour, than any other mainly because the logo is in black and white, however 'toward the sustainable world' is written in red. Inside of the program we will also include paper with "10 tips to be sustainable" and Joyce was going to print them out. Im going to print all the programs in nice silky paper so it will look professional.
Here are some designs of programs I found online:

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