Saturday, 7 November 2009

Responding to Ideas...

I really like the idea of globalisation as a theme for our project as it includes sustainability and innovation. As the world is becoming more and more global it is very important that people pay attention tho the issues of present time, and sustainability is one of the most important issues. Innovation and sustainability can make a difference to save the world and make it much better.
Taking into account that our project is about innovation, and the barriers to sustainability innvation it is useful to brainstorm ideas regarding this subjects in order to organise event. As a group, we all agreed that the main theme of the event will be innovation, therefore we all had to come up with more ideas about the presentation as well as clothing. We wanted to have a globe of the world (map) and countries names on the t-shirts. Therefore it will represent globalisation and the countries we are from, which I think is very nice idea. In addition to that we had to find out how much it will cost to have some prints and pictures on our tshirts to fit the budget.

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