Sunday, 22 November 2009

Reflections so far

The project is still in the development stage of it. I found this project very difficult and time consuming, especially when writing my final dissertation. We have devided all the tasks so far and tried to sort all the activites that has to be undertaken and who is in charge of each. I am in charge of Program together with Joyce and before actually designing it we need all the topics of the presentations and the names of our guestspeakers, and this takes a lot of time to finalise. Apart from my main duty I also have to participate in other activities, such as invite design and room set up. I can understand it because we are working as a group and we all have to make sure we know who is doing what and how the process is going. So far I admit that this project is not easy at all and requires a lot of time and things to do, but we are on our last year and I can understand that we are required to do a bit more than we used to. I like the overall idea of the project and I hope that if we going to work as a group, we will deliver very good results.

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