Saturday, 7 November 2009

Reflecting on week 7th lecture..

This week was more like a workshop where students had to think of ideas for their new project. Teamwork for this project is very important. We had to first define tasks that have to be undertaken in order to complete the project and then allocate the tasks between members of the class according to the scope of work. This project involves not only a good group work, but also ability to organise the group, event and make sure that everything is in order and on time. I think that this taks will improve our organisational, communication, teamworking and leadership skills, that are very important in business context. It is also highly important to be responsible, as you work not just for your owwn benefit for this project, but for the whole group. Therefore it is important to understand and communicate in such way to build trust between each other.
Creative approach is also a big part for this project, because student are asked to come up with creative ideas in order to organise the event and use the knowledge gained throughout the learning process.

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