Saturday, 7 November 2009

Overview of group thoughts: (e-mail)

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Quick overview of our thoughts:

Theme: Globalization, which feeds in nicely because we all have such a diverse background
Location: Art Gallery? Regents College? lets try to get it for free
Number of people to attend: 25
'Gadgets': White T-shirts + our country name printed in the countries flag colors, or green (for environment)?, Globes for the tables, a big map of the world where we put little dots of where we are all from.
Guest speaker: Zac Goldman? editor of the Ecologist?

To do this week: lets gather some options for locations, so we can see if we get it for free, Lets find out how much it costs to do 13 t-shirts, so we can start allocating the budget. Find out if we can get Zac Goldman, gather some fun ideas for the Theme Globalization, (eg. Bule, white and green drinks).
Email me to keep me up to date with any ideas you might have.

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