Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Ideas for the T-shirts

I found this image online and i think it is very different and innovative. The backround is black, but the boarders are very bright, green and blue. Green represents sustainability and being green, friendly to the environments, blue colour represents the world and sky. Blue colour therefore means freedon, no boundaries. Therefore it will feet with the theme of our event, if we will have black t-shirts with this kind of image and names of the country we come from.

The image of hands holding the world has a deep meaning. In my opinion the meaning of this image will be that everything is in our hands, and we can make change, but we need to handle the world carefully, in order not to damage our world. We can use this image on our t-shirts, but i am not sure that it will be innovative and creative enough, because we can see similas images everywhere, it is a bit obvious, but ofcourse if we add something to differentiate, it would be nice.

This an example of how we could show the place we are from on the map, on our t-shirts

We can also come up with a slogan for our event, something like 'Breaking the barriers for more sustainable planet' or 'sustainable innovation is the key' :)

This is another way of highlighting the country, in this case it is Kazakhstan, highlighted in red, but we can make it green to represent sustainablity.

Holding hands is also very interesting idea, firstly because we are working in groups and we want to show that together we are more powerful, and therefore If the world will unite, and act togother for the sake of our planet, we will win!

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