Saturday, 7 November 2009

Brainstorming ideas, from Milana (e-mail conversation)

Subject: Re: Design group work! Ideas for T-shirt and invite
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 12:55:46 +0000

Ideas for T-shirts! Print Images on them:
Tree-Hand- I very much like this image because globalization means working together with different nations (h
and in hand) but if we bring sustainability into the picture, this also means working together with nature to sustain it. Thus this image represents working together globally with the environment for
me. the T-shirt would either be white or green. This image was also an idea for the invitation.
Apollo 8 Picture of Earth:This I thought would also be a great picture for for the T-shirts. The T-shirt would be black with one of the first pictures of planet earth on the back. The reason I think this picture would be inspirational is that it was this picture that was a part of starting the environmental movement, which contributes hugely to sustainability. It s this planet we are trying to save, because it is the only one we have. This is also a clear sign of globalisation, it shows that the planet is not infinite, and that it does have limits, and in fact is not as big as we think it is. I think the invite would also figure this picture at the back (completely black, the front has light blue and white text, and the back shows this image.

Hands Holding Earth: Or this image of the hands holding planet earth at the front of a black t-shirt. at the back of the T-shirt you have in big letters the sentence: THIS IS IT! this is it, this is our planet, and we are ruining it as we know it. This is it, we have to wake up and start identifying how we can change the way we consume, waste, and act towards our environment (and not just trees and air and water, but also the people and animals that share this one planet). This is it, scientists are forecasting the "perfect storm". This is it, last call, it is in our hands to change. (same can apply to invite).

What do u guys think? Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone found some good gadgets already? How is the location coming along?
Where can we get the t-shirts from?
Please let me know if you have thought of anything, doesn't matter what, can be about t-shirts, programm idea, location, inovite, what food we should serve etc.

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