Monday, 16 November 2009


This layout is the final one to be used on the t-shirts, invites, posters and the program. I like the idea of big letterings although it looks a bit confusing at the first sight, but the white background and combination of colours selected wisely. The only concern I found about the final selection of the final layout was done with only few members of the group as they met separately on thursday when not everyone could be present for the meeting including me as I had class at that period. Therefore the final decision was made with only few people. However we all have received an e-mail to confirm the idea. I think that if everyone would have been present for the meeting will be much more effective and well communicated.

This was the previous idea for the logo and the layout. The main message was that there is a tree on the background and STOP sign. The STOP sign represents the idea of the barriers that stops sustainability. I really liked the tree design on the background, however STOP sign is negative in a sence, so the first impression when one sees the picture will be like 'beware'. That is the only disadvantage I found about this layout.

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