Sunday, 22 November 2009


Apart from group tasks and activities, my main task was to design and print the program and make sure that everyone knows when is their time slots. During workshops we have decided that the program will be A4 size but folded like a booklet. Me and Joyce have agreed that the backround will be white (so it will look nice and fresh), we will have the main design of the event on the front, logo of the school at the back of the program, together with the address and the entire program with all the timings and introduction inside of the paper. The main headings will be in green (in order to highlight main points), whereas the text will be in black (to make it simple and easy to read)and also these colours look good with the main logo. Joyce came up with the idea to have the ribbon for each programe, and I thought that it will be nicer to have it ih red colour, than any other mainly because the logo is in black and white, however 'toward the sustainable world' is written in red. Inside of the program we will also include paper with "10 tips to be sustainable" and Joyce was going to print them out. Im going to print all the programs in nice silky paper so it will look professional.
Here are some designs of programs I found online:

Reflections so far

The project is still in the development stage of it. I found this project very difficult and time consuming, especially when writing my final dissertation. We have devided all the tasks so far and tried to sort all the activites that has to be undertaken and who is in charge of each. I am in charge of Program together with Joyce and before actually designing it we need all the topics of the presentations and the names of our guestspeakers, and this takes a lot of time to finalise. Apart from my main duty I also have to participate in other activities, such as invite design and room set up. I can understand it because we are working as a group and we all have to make sure we know who is doing what and how the process is going. So far I admit that this project is not easy at all and requires a lot of time and things to do, but we are on our last year and I can understand that we are required to do a bit more than we used to. I like the overall idea of the project and I hope that if we going to work as a group, we will deliver very good results. be done for the event



Topic list




room set-up


give away gifts

Monday, 16 November 2009

Week 10: class notes

Barriers to innovation;

focus innovation culture

What makes innovate culture

  • It is important that the group has the ideas and motivation to innovate.
  • For problem solving flexibility is important
  • Operation and support for purposes of creation or control
  • Working together in a group

+ share of responsibilities

  • If the group is well motivation, and everyones is enjoying working in groups it stimulates creativity

Need to know how to motivate the group + work dynamics is also important factor

Disagreements can actually generate better solutions

  • CREATIVITY + IMPLEMENTATION- have to implement the idea or apply it

-If Implementation process isn't there at the end, then the whole thing has no meaning--} therefore it is a barrier in some sense

Organising for innovation

  • it is not enough for the company or organisation just to innovate, there are more factors to consider
  • resources is a huge factor to look at
  • there is a need of a leader
  • clearly direction is a reason why organisation needs do innovate
  • there is a need to communicate, energy of a team is important
  • think through
  • self-development
one needs to be interested in doing something

inspiration is a drive

  • HR theory is useful
  • Other resources to enable innovation to happen
  • cross boundary work( collaboration )-is the key
  • Appropriate structures- make sure all the things fit together
  • Learning requires creating mistakes
if the company doesn't appreciate mistakes, the work is not going to go further

Building an innovation culture

- the notion of routines is important because it can enable and support the development of innovation culture

- 3 levels - individual, group work and organisational level

All of these term can be applied to sustainability

Managing an innovation culture

- is difficult!

How to measure?

· Fostering creative climate

· Structural arrangements

· Process-based approach

- barrier will by by just thinking about the outcomes

‘total quality management is a journey not a destination’
Bessant, 2003

it is about the process rather than outcome

Strategy: Where we are?

Where we want to be?

How do we get there?

how far and how fast

Learning from others- sharing problem solving

Hugely important for both cases

High-involvement vs. focused development of innovation culture

Organisational archetypes: organic and mechanistic
- mechanistic is concerned with maintaining the status quo and managing the operations that keep the organisations going
- organic is concerned with creating the future products and processes

· High-involvement innovation does not focus on occasional radical innovation breakthroughs but concerns itself with creating culture in which innovation is a way of life
· Focused development of innovation means creating innovation culture amongst a relatively small but influential group within the organisation

! Value of innovation culture- the value that works for people

-need to know how to get the balance right


The main purpose of the project B is to research and understand the issues around the topic of sustainability and try to identify possible barriers to sustainability innovation. We were asked to choose a company/industry from back home in order to analyse the issues that stops businesses from sustainability innovation. The industry that I have chosen for this project is fashion in Kazakhstan and the example of “Symbat fashion academy” which is very well known and well establishe brand. For this assignment I found that it will be very difficult to find a link between the barriers to sustainability innovation and the impact of design due to lack of secondary data available not only about kazakhstani industry but also the businesse in particular.
It is significant to understand the notion of sustainability and be able to apply it to the organisation as a new business opportunity. Therefore I believe the class lectures and the academic literature will help me to complete this project successfully as we are learning about sustainability issue in our lectures and the base material is provided to us. We also have the freedom come up with our own identified barrier, not only sticking to the ones that were already identified.




This layout is the final one to be used on the t-shirts, invites, posters and the program. I like the idea of big letterings although it looks a bit confusing at the first sight, but the white background and combination of colours selected wisely. The only concern I found about the final selection of the final layout was done with only few members of the group as they met separately on thursday when not everyone could be present for the meeting including me as I had class at that period. Therefore the final decision was made with only few people. However we all have received an e-mail to confirm the idea. I think that if everyone would have been present for the meeting will be much more effective and well communicated.

This was the previous idea for the logo and the layout. The main message was that there is a tree on the background and STOP sign. The STOP sign represents the idea of the barriers that stops sustainability. I really liked the tree design on the background, however STOP sign is negative in a sence, so the first impression when one sees the picture will be like 'beware'. That is the only disadvantage I found about this layout.

Week 9: Class notes

Quote of the week: "Even useless can be useful"

Barriers to innovation: Focus sustainability
Structural barriers: ".. making sustainabile choices feels like swimming upstream. In particular, sustainable alternatives cost more and/or less convenient thn the status quo" (Rossel and Fur, 2006)
Problem of being creative is difficult because people bring conformaty...
-Mindset barriers
... missing the assumptions and expectations..Force habit-is a key driver how we/businesses do things. Nation of consuption exists.
Different parts of the world have different understanding of what is good and what is bad. GOOD LIFE. To be sustainable you dont use innovation.. the question is how to engage innovation..
-Structural and mindset barriers are quite close to each other.
-Information and communication barriers, when there is lack of information, if information is lost or its unreliable. People say thet there is a lack of reliable information. People behaviour differ. Product labels- UK is very strong about putting information about products energy etc. ecological or social footprints.
The measure nations use to assess performance (such as GDP)
Measurement system is a huge barrier. Using innovation to get around with barriers.
What is true and what isn't, we dont know who to believe.
-Trust barrier
...people misstrust to things they don't know, for example the notion of sustainability.. Government- 'in god we trust'..
...weak sense of communication and engagement, less u engage less outvome u get. Design place yet another role, not about creating a new product. It is about creating emotional communication.
The term 'sustainability' itself
Disengage...sustainability as a barrier..It is difficult to engage with complex is a challenge for us..

Monday, 9 November 2009

Project B individual assignment

One to one brief on the project:

1. Selecting the company
  • from back home eg. Kazakhstan
2. focus on barriers of sustainability innovation
  • for example: sustainability innovation in terms of technology
  • communication
3. History
4. Keep it narrow
5. Word count 2000
6. Innovation that implements principles of innovation

  • Structure
  1. Introduction- overview of the company
  2. background theory, links between
  3. Main body
use of design
future trends
ways of overcoming the barriers
4. Conclusion

Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Ideas for the T-shirts

I found this image online and i think it is very different and innovative. The backround is black, but the boarders are very bright, green and blue. Green represents sustainability and being green, friendly to the environments, blue colour represents the world and sky. Blue colour therefore means freedon, no boundaries. Therefore it will feet with the theme of our event, if we will have black t-shirts with this kind of image and names of the country we come from.

The image of hands holding the world has a deep meaning. In my opinion the meaning of this image will be that everything is in our hands, and we can make change, but we need to handle the world carefully, in order not to damage our world. We can use this image on our t-shirts, but i am not sure that it will be innovative and creative enough, because we can see similas images everywhere, it is a bit obvious, but ofcourse if we add something to differentiate, it would be nice.

This an example of how we could show the place we are from on the map, on our t-shirts

We can also come up with a slogan for our event, something like 'Breaking the barriers for more sustainable planet' or 'sustainable innovation is the key' :)

This is another way of highlighting the country, in this case it is Kazakhstan, highlighted in red, but we can make it green to represent sustainablity.

Holding hands is also very interesting idea, firstly because we are working in groups and we want to show that together we are more powerful, and therefore If the world will unite, and act togother for the sake of our planet, we will win!

Responding to Ideas...

I really like the idea of globalisation as a theme for our project as it includes sustainability and innovation. As the world is becoming more and more global it is very important that people pay attention tho the issues of present time, and sustainability is one of the most important issues. Innovation and sustainability can make a difference to save the world and make it much better.
Taking into account that our project is about innovation, and the barriers to sustainability innvation it is useful to brainstorm ideas regarding this subjects in order to organise event. As a group, we all agreed that the main theme of the event will be innovation, therefore we all had to come up with more ideas about the presentation as well as clothing. We wanted to have a globe of the world (map) and countries names on the t-shirts. Therefore it will represent globalisation and the countries we are from, which I think is very nice idea. In addition to that we had to find out how much it will cost to have some prints and pictures on our tshirts to fit the budget.

Brainstorming ideas, from Milana (e-mail conversation)

Subject: Re: Design group work! Ideas for T-shirt and invite
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 12:55:46 +0000

Ideas for T-shirts! Print Images on them:
Tree-Hand- I very much like this image because globalization means working together with different nations (h
and in hand) but if we bring sustainability into the picture, this also means working together with nature to sustain it. Thus this image represents working together globally with the environment for
me. the T-shirt would either be white or green. This image was also an idea for the invitation.
Apollo 8 Picture of Earth:This I thought would also be a great picture for for the T-shirts. The T-shirt would be black with one of the first pictures of planet earth on the back. The reason I think this picture would be inspirational is that it was this picture that was a part of starting the environmental movement, which contributes hugely to sustainability. It s this planet we are trying to save, because it is the only one we have. This is also a clear sign of globalisation, it shows that the planet is not infinite, and that it does have limits, and in fact is not as big as we think it is. I think the invite would also figure this picture at the back (completely black, the front has light blue and white text, and the back shows this image.

Hands Holding Earth: Or this image of the hands holding planet earth at the front of a black t-shirt. at the back of the T-shirt you have in big letters the sentence: THIS IS IT! this is it, this is our planet, and we are ruining it as we know it. This is it, we have to wake up and start identifying how we can change the way we consume, waste, and act towards our environment (and not just trees and air and water, but also the people and animals that share this one planet). This is it, scientists are forecasting the "perfect storm". This is it, last call, it is in our hands to change. (same can apply to invite).

What do u guys think? Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone found some good gadgets already? How is the location coming along?
Where can we get the t-shirts from?
Please let me know if you have thought of anything, doesn't matter what, can be about t-shirts, programm idea, location, inovite, what food we should serve etc.

Class notes: Week 8 (3)

Class notes: Week 8 (2)

Class notes: Week 8

Overview of group thoughts: (e-mail)

On 2 Nov 2009, at 12:09, wrote:

Quick overview of our thoughts:

Theme: Globalization, which feeds in nicely because we all have such a diverse background
Location: Art Gallery? Regents College? lets try to get it for free
Number of people to attend: 25
'Gadgets': White T-shirts + our country name printed in the countries flag colors, or green (for environment)?, Globes for the tables, a big map of the world where we put little dots of where we are all from.
Guest speaker: Zac Goldman? editor of the Ecologist?

To do this week: lets gather some options for locations, so we can see if we get it for free, Lets find out how much it costs to do 13 t-shirts, so we can start allocating the budget. Find out if we can get Zac Goldman, gather some fun ideas for the Theme Globalization, (eg. Bule, white and green drinks).
Email me to keep me up to date with any ideas you might have.

Reflecting on week 7th lecture..

This week was more like a workshop where students had to think of ideas for their new project. Teamwork for this project is very important. We had to first define tasks that have to be undertaken in order to complete the project and then allocate the tasks between members of the class according to the scope of work. This project involves not only a good group work, but also ability to organise the group, event and make sure that everything is in order and on time. I think that this taks will improve our organisational, communication, teamworking and leadership skills, that are very important in business context. It is also highly important to be responsible, as you work not just for your owwn benefit for this project, but for the whole group. Therefore it is important to understand and communicate in such way to build trust between each other.
Creative approach is also a big part for this project, because student are asked to come up with creative ideas in order to organise the event and use the knowledge gained throughout the learning process.


"IDEAS ARE FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE"- this was week 7th quote..
I agree with this statement, because I think that ideas are fragile. If one has idea, and then it is not implemented or not properly developed, then the idea has no value lately. If you want your idea to become an outcome or transfer it to tangable thing, then it is important to make sure you are taking care of it, work on it and develop. That is how i understand this quote..