Monday, 28 September 2009

WEEK 3 Class Notes

Theorising Innovation

(1) Innovation as management process
a core business process

Innovation vs. Invention

BBC- ''Design for life''
Business process example: Google (80%:20%)

Possible models of the process

Generation Key features

1st & 2nd- simple linear model-need pull, technology pull
3rd coupling model, recognizing interaction between different elements and feedback loops between them
4th Parallel model, integration within the firm, up stream with key suppliers and downstream with demanding and active consumers
5th system integration, network, being flexible, pen, able to shift, should be continuous

Consequences of partial understanding of the process
  • value is in understanding of the process (and business)
  • Innovation- seeing it as a breakthrough without supporting it
  • Seeing it as a single isolated change rather than part of a wider system
Can it be managed?
Routine than supports the process
---> the way to manage innovation in business context
How and in what basis choices are made?
Size matters (big company or an individual)
How does it fit? How the business is done?

(2) Innovation and sustainability relationship

Innovation spaces:



ethics environment

- A space to innovate
WHat happens if:



ethics environment

- does sustainability is a thing to flourish innovation??
space for innovation
going beyond the norms

Design could be a driver as well as innovation (from the handout, p116-117)

Notes taken from the lecture slides in the class.

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