Friday, 18 September 2009

sustainability question cont.

In my view another example of "sustainable" organisation could be starbucks as it is also practices environmental programs, ethical and cultural issues.
As well as Pret, Starbucks is aware of environmental issues the world is facing today. Starbucks wants to minimise the environmental impacts throughout the entire supply chain, from coffee beans to coffee cups. It’s one of the guiding principles and its part of the way they conduct business.
In 1991 Starbucks began donating to “CARE”, the world’s biggest private non-profit global relief organisation and explore the reasons of poverty and offering emergency support in times of failure. Those donations are aided to promote developing countries with essential community projects like recycling, clean-water systems, health and sanitation training, and literacy efforts. Starbucks needs to emphasis trough new marketing strategies that its design criteria centred on. Part of the company’s design criteria is to continue having a hand in local communities, and retaining a positive reputation. EPA (2005), ‘A Forum on Sustainability, Well-Being, and Environmental Protection: What’s an Agency to Do?’, EPA, 2008

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