Monday, 21 September 2009

Lecture 1 notes to revise..

Managing design and sustainability innovation

In this module- everything is digital
Innovation is about dealing with comfortability
- framework
Process blog this time, NOT the process folder

Module Outline:
Main aims:
- understanding the notion of the innovation (value of the moment of discovery)
- how do we define the value of innovation? (notion of barriers ---> coming up with better ideas)
- sustainability as a barrier!
Global focus:
- interaction with Australian students at Think Tank
Process blog 50% (wk 7, 12)
Project A 20% using the collaboration with australian students (wk 6)
Project B 30% (wk 12, mini simposium)


due 19 october, 7th december
what to do?
  • composing day to day thoughts
  • make comments on learning
  • write about the progress
  • process outlining
  • challenges
  • citation is important
  • adding articles, videos
  • inspiration
  • using it as a ool to explore more
  • ideas and concepts

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