Monday, 21 September 2009

Seminar, week 2

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! "What makes Sustainability pleasurable?" Think Tank


INNOVATION- innovation is important to business

Difference between existed definition of the innovation vs. design-business innovation

"Fashionable to call everything innovation"

What is innovation?
According to Bettina von Stamm, innovation is a state of mind (thinking differently). It is a certain way of thinking. Seeing a bigger picture, strategic.

There should be a room for innovation.

  1. new to the world (coming up with completely new products)
  2. line extension (ex. I pod, I phone)
  3. Me-to-products
  4. Product modification

! The balance between creativity and implementation is crucial


  • idea needs to be supported and stimulated
  • intrinsic motivation-employees should be motivated and inspired to the idea
  • putting ideas ino practice
  • needs to be planned ahead and well structured
  • timing is crucial

! Designer are needed to participate and come up with new and improved ideas


Radical Incremental

(completely new) (improving exsisting products)

8 types of innovation:

  1. product
  2. process
  3. position
  4. paradigm
  5. architectual
  6. market
  7. regular
  8. revolutionary

Why it is valuable?

survival, opportunities, competitive advantage, better understanding of the users needs, knowledge management

How companies manage innovation ideas?? ---> look at the diagram!

- will it be helping, or it is already happening?


Design plays a huge role, it is incremental to the innovation.

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