Sunday, 27 September 2009

At the edge of Innovation: Why shifts in the boundaries of innovation matter

Boundaries of innovation are changing over the time. The advanced institute of management (AIM) research identified how innovation boundaries such as geographical, technological, and organisational- are changing and the implication of those changes for policymakers and practitioners. The report outlines 3 sections regarding innovation boundaries.

Section 1: Geographical boundaries
  • the innovation trade balance
  • the internationalisation of innovation
  • the impact of global challenges
Secion 2: Technological boundaries
  • crossing technological boundaries
  • embrace collaboration
  • promote user communities
  • demonstrating the value of new technology
Section 3: Organisational boundaries
  • driving factor behind change
  • managing conflicts
  • a new breed of organisation
  • capturing collaborative value
  • the challenges of collaboration

We see that day by day world becomes more global than ever before, interconnectedness between countries increasing very fast and it is vital to be able to manage any kind of changes, challenges that arise from new forms of collaboration, new advanced technologies, innovative ideas. However it is very important for the organisationds to see how innovation boundaries are changing and therefore find ways to maximise available opportunities by trying to remove or minimise the boundaries, because these boundaries are creating new ways to innovate, grow and develope.

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