Friday, 18 September 2009

think tank experience..

as i have noticed previously there is a project we have to undertake which allows us to share our vies on different topics including sustainability.
There is a forum where me, our group and group os australian students share our ideas and opinion on some topics.

First we had to answer this question: "What is pleasure?"
That was my answer: "Pleasure... pleasure is a very sensitive word because of its nature. There is no single word or single definition to define PLEASURE. Everyone can have a different feeling about it, and you can't go wrong. In my view pleasure is not only about the comfort and satisfaction. It is more about harmony within yourself AND the external environment. It is a feeling of fullfillness and delightfullness. It is also the state when an individual finds peace and balance. Some people can feel pleasure during shopping, buying a new car, eating chocolates etc. In other words, pleasure can be seen differently by individuals, but it is always a positive feeling."

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