Saturday, 5 December 2009

Reflections on the report and the presentation

I found project B quite difficult, firstly the topic of it - barriers to sustainability innovation, is relatively new and there is a lack of information on this subject. Secondly, the project consisted from 3 parts: presentation, event and the report.
Report: The report was 2000 words, first it was very difficult to find information on sustainability in Kazakhstan, and the main reason fot that is not that the topic sustainability is very new back, but because Kazakhstan uses web less and does not publish a lot of information online. I managed to find at least some information on fashion industry and programs undertaked by the firms toward sustainable world. However books on sustainability, design and innovation where helpful in order to find and identify barriers and apply them to my case. Then I tried to find out the reasons for these barriers, and found few of them, because I thought it is important to see why the barrier occur in order to see opportunities. When I only started writing the report, I was a bit worried that I will not cover 2000 words because of limited sources, however towards the end I had reasonable number of sources and even had to cut some words to fit to the limits.
Presentation: After I have completed my report, I started designing my slides and putting all the key information. I only had 6 slides including title page because we had to fit in 5 minutes to present. I did not want to put a lot of word on my slides to make it simple. "Less is more". I made notes for myself for the presentation in order to rehears and to use them for the presentation if im going to forget everything on the day of presentatiom. I always do notes, BUT at the end I never use then, however I feel more secure to have them in front of me, even if I never look at them. In my opinion, the presentation went very well and I covered all the main points, and I don't think I missed anything. On my report I identified 2 main barriers, but for the presentation I have used only one barrier, to make it more clear. I did the presentation in exactly 5 minutes. I was a bit nervous, because there were people outside of the college and I felt less confident, but I think that no one noticed my nervousness. Overall I liked my presentation, I think it was streight forward and easy to understand what I was saying.

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