Saturday, 5 December 2009

Notes for the presentation..


  • I am going to talk about fashion industry in Kazakhstan and identify possible barriers to sustainability innovation
  • My topic is Fashion can't say no to sustainability in Kazakhstan
  • I chose to do Fashion industry in Kazakhstan in order to research and understan the issue around the notion of sustainability in Kazakhstan
  • One of the biggest challenge for any organisation's competitiveness is to become sustainable
  • However barriers and resistance to sustainability innovation still exist due to various reasons.

Company Background:

  • Fashin industry
  • Symbat

Barriers to Sustainability:

  • By looking at Fashion industry in Kazakhstan number of barriers remain for businesses ti implement sustainable practices.
  • Rossel and Fur identified 6 main barriers to sustainability
  • List the barriers
  • 2 main barriers:
  • Mindset barrier is significant in case of Kazalhstani fashion industry and symbat fashion house in particular.
  • Even if people are willing to make more sustainable choices, they still tend to act according to their habits.
  • Traditional mindset makes it even more difficult to implement sustainable practises as one of the main part of businesses development
  • The main reason for that is because Kazakhstan used to be communist republic when the country was a part of the Soviet Union untill 1991.
  • Even though after gaining independance country becan to change ist strategy, the communist mindset remained, and this is a huge obsticle.
  • People in Kazakhstan believe that they are alone in their concern and small changes won't make any difference.


  • The word sustainability is still not used in broad terms in Kazakhstan.
  • Therefore the main challenge is to change the traditional mindset and convince people that little changes can make a huge difference and can be seen as a huge opportunity.
  • It is also vital to increase awareness about the notion of sustanability innovation to make the change towards sustainable world possible.

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