Saturday, 5 December 2009

DSM 6410: How was it?

DSM 6410 was one of the most difficult subjects of the entire degree, very time concuming and lots of work to do. The module covered three different areas such as design, sustainability and innovation, therefore in the beginning of the course it was not really easy to undestand fully the subject. However I found it verry different and I am sure that the knowledge I gained from the lectures will be very helpful in my future career. This module helped me to improve my teamwork, organising and management skills. In addition to that, the projects we ran through helped me to understand the subject and being able to apply the theory to practice. Even though it was difficult and requred a lot on engagement it was very useful. I was also writingmy final dissertation this semester and other 2 modules, so I had to manage my time wisely and make sure im on track and I complete all the work on time.

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