Sunday, 18 October 2009

Group meeting #3, 1:30pm thursday 15.10.09

On thursday we met 3rd time with our group to finalise our ideas for the video project. As it was mensioned previously, our first idea was to do with tennis. However it was guite difficult to come up with sustainability and pleasure issue here. We had some ideas but we thought that they will not work as good as others. Therefore we had to do something else, and we thought about cycling because its seems to be more appropriate to our project as it is sustainable, environmentsally friendly and healthy sport. We went outside to film cyclers, bicycles, bicycle parking and Regents Park (as it is the venue for london olympics for cycling). It was very fun, and everyone tried to be a videoguy, so we all participated and brainstormed our ideas throughout the process. Then we tried to conduct interviews. We found some student who were very kind to talk about sustainability, cycling, pleasure and olympics. After that we went back to college and interviewed our lecturer. Interviews were very helpful in order to finalise our project.

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