Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Class notes week 3: Emotionally durable design

Project A: part B "Sustainability as pleasure!"
Due date: 1:00 pm, Monday 19th October 2009
Based on the video (2012 London Olympics)
750 words to write on our proposal + own reflections think tank


The progress illusion

  • Environmental concerns: human awareness of their impact on the biosphere as for back as 13th Century

Symptom-focused design

  • nothing is completely sustainable

Emotionally durable design

  • going beyond the technology
  • ability to emotionally connect to the object
  • someday people will be tired of THIS!
  • we generate waste

Emotionally durable design technology

  • emotional engagement

ex. tamagochi

  • autonomy
  • feed-forward and inherent feedback
  • fuzzy interfaces
  • alternative models of interactions
  • innersive and emotionally rich experience
  • sustainable narrative
  • triggers of meaning to spark reactions

ex. teddy bear, levi's jeans

Blue Ocean- in terms of business it has a huge potencial

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