Monday, 12 October 2009

Group meeting #2: 9.00 am 12th October, 2009

Today morning we had another group meeting. We went to the tennis court again and filmed another video, it was good because it was a sunny day, it was warm and bright. This video was a bit longer than the previous one and more detailed too. After that we went straigh to class and had a lecture on Innovation and Strategy. I liked the lecture a lot, it was very interesting and improved my understanding on the link between innovation, strategy and sustainability.
Also during the lecture I realised that the theory we went through can be used on my dissertation and be applied in various ways.
The second part of the lecture we spent on video making, learned some tools and techniques, generated some more ideas on the project and hopefully we will do very well.
Our next group meeting is going to take place on wednesday and then we will work more on what we already have. Before that all of us will do some research on sustainability within London Olympics, Sports and Tennis.

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